History & reputation

SCiBOTRON was established in 2013 by Ricardo and Veronica Paddy, an automation software engineering company focused on industrial process control, automation, software development and systems integration.

SCiBOTRON has gained a reputation as an automation company that “turns projects around” through industry leading technical solutions, exemplary quality of software services and agility of project management.

Our name & slogan

The name “SCiBOTRON” is made up of a 3-part business disciplines Sci- (Science), Bot- (Robotics/Automation) and Tron- (Electronic Particles). Our slogan is “For Eternity” which speaks of our enduring quality focus in our approach to everything we do as SCiBOTRON.

The founders

Ricardo Paddy

Ricardo Paddy

Managing Director

Ricardo has 15 years industry experience and has successfully led national and multinational engineering teams on projects in various sectors. He holds a B.Sc in Information Technology, a B.Ing (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering and a M.Ing in Engineering Management.
Motto: “Strive for perfection, achieve excellence.”
Veronica Paddy

Veronica Paddy

Business Develpment Director

Veronica has 4 years experience in the engineering management field and holds an internationally recognised project management (Agile DSDM) certification. She has a B.Sc in Medical sciences, B.Sc (Hons) and M.Sc in Pharmacology.
Motto: “Keep learning and continue growing”

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