industry 4.0


Industry 4.0 Process Control Automation

SCiBOTRON’s Industry 4.0 software products focuses on industrial process control, process diagnostics and personnel training. These products incorporate technological advancements such as IIOT, AR, VR, Big Data, Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance and Artificial Intelligence.


SIMUCATE is a fully customizable VR solution that provides users with an immersive virtual interaction with their process plants by means of a digital twin site. This interaction can be within a simulated environment or connected to real time data. A simulated environment gives clients the ability to up-skill and cross-skill employees in a risk free environment by setting up training objectives and keeping track of user progress. It also provides clients with the ability to control plants and processes virtually, from any location.

• Custom Training Objectives
• Gamification of User Progress
• Performance Metrics
• X-Ray Vision of Objects
• Observe Instrumentation in Action
• Dissasemble Equipment
• View Object Trends
• Open Product Documentation
• Wireframe View of Objects
• Live or Simulated Data
• Control of Instrumentation
• Observe Output Activation


SCiBO-AR is a product offering that provides clients with high integrity Augmented Reality graphics to visualize, conceptualise and handle equipment and process flows by means of a mobile device. Enabling clients to retrieve valuable data, make informed decisions and assist with the maintenance and diagnostics of breakdown/stoppage anomalies experienced in real time or through simulated processes.

• Simulated Product Integration
• Remote Access to Equipment
• High-Speed Response Time

• QR Code Scanning Functionality

• Live Equipment Status View

• Mobile Phone App

• Sort Devices by Type

• Cluster Plant View (view all devices simultaneously within a certain area of the plan)

Simucate and SCiBO-AR are SCiBOTRON’s software solutions at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 technological advancements. These products employ AR and VR functionality allowing users to navigate, control and interact with their process plants in a virtual environment as well as view process data within the plant. This provides for a more efficient and effective way to control, troubleshoot and train operators.

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